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  • Ladies Felt Scarf Hat

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    With this stunning ladies felt scarf hat you do not have to bid adieu to style this winter. Say hello to this beautiful fedora hat that comes fitted with a scarf that you can wrap over your ears and tuck away under your chin to keep you warm and protected from the winter chill. This wool felt fedora brings you both style and comfort during the chilly winters and if you would like a different look, you can just insert the scarf into the dome of the hat and wear it just like a hat, sans scarf! Learn More
  • Wool Five Point Ivy Cap

    2 Review(s)
    If you are looking to make a style statement with your accessories this winter, you cannot ignore this wool ivy cap! Keep yourself warm in this five point ivy cap that has concealed built-in ear flaps which can be pulled down for those extremely cold winter days. You can also tuck them away when not needed. The ivy cap looks extremely trendy when worn with a nice and simple cardigan and a wool scarf. It is made with pure wool and has a flannel lining as well as a twill weave sweatband. When you go for a walk down the street, don’t forget your wool ivy cap! Learn More
  • Wool Military Design Hat

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    Check out these cool wool military designer hats! Try a new style this winter with these hats that look perfectly awesome on both men and women. The side grommet detailing imparts authenticity to the design. Pair it up with smart casuals or any kind of jacket or blazer. The hat promises to look stunning with almost anything you wear. You can also pair these hats with some military jackets that are especially in style this season to complete the look. Learn More
  • Wool Newsboy 8 Piece Cap

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    Vintage and warm, these Wool Newsboy Caps make the winter cold seem not so bad after all! The Newsboy Cap features eight panels with a button trim at the top and a sleek cap brim. Its no fuss design and the versatile choice of colors makes these stylish newsboy caps a good match to many outfits. The Wool 8 piece Newsboy cap is fabricated using pure wool to keep you warm, and a satin lining finish demonstrates the meticulous craftsmanship. The cap has been designed to fit well on most wearers. Although they are primarily designed for men, they look great on women too. MADE IN THE USA. Learn More
  • Mens Wool Fedora

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    Latest clothes – check, shoes – check, accessories?? Well, don't worry about that – this Wool Fedora has it covered for you! Made from 100 percent wool, this modern day wool fedora is just what you need to look trendy every season. The large brim (2 3/4”) of the hat adds to the contemporary design while the contrasting polyurethane faux leather band gives it a sophisticated touch. One size fits most, so this fedora becomes the perfect gift to give to your friends! Learn More
  • Western Fedora

    Here is one hat that will look fabulous on you! This Western Fedora is a stunning addition in every woman's wardrobe. With a 2” brim and the perfect blend of fabrics, this gorgeous fedora will take your style quotient up by notches. Jeans or dresses, there is probably no outfit you cannot pair this fedora with! The high crown of the hat ensures that it does not mess with your hairstyle, while the colorful jacquard band adds to its southwestern appeal, which also serves as the hat's design inspiration! Learn More

6 Item(s)

per page