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  • Wool Ascot Cap

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    A casual design that stays true to its classic heritage, the wool Ascot cap adds a hint of sophistication to your appearance. Pair it with the right ensemble and you’re as good as royalty. The cap is made from 100% wool which is of a superior quality like no other. The ascot cap suits anybody and everybody, making it a trendsetting option for the season. In fact, it is a favorite among celebrities and aristocrats alike. Choose from a wide range of colors that are specifically developed for the season. Learn More
  • Ladies Felt Scarf Hat

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    With this stunning ladies felt scarf hat you do not have to bid adieu to style this winter. Say hello to this beautiful fedora hat that comes fitted with a scarf that you can wrap over your ears and tuck away under your chin to keep you warm and protected from the winter chill. This wool felt fedora brings you both style and comfort during the chilly winters and if you would like a different look, you can just insert the scarf into the dome of the hat and wear it just like a hat, sans scarf! Learn More
  • Wool Five Point Ivy Cap

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    If you are looking to make a style statement with your accessories this winter, you cannot ignore this wool ivy cap! Keep yourself warm in this five point ivy cap that has concealed built-in ear flaps which can be pulled down for those extremely cold winter days. You can also tuck them away when not needed. The ivy cap looks extremely trendy when worn with a nice and simple cardigan and a wool scarf. It is made with pure wool and has a flannel lining as well as a twill weave sweatband. When you go for a walk down the street, don’t forget your wool ivy cap! Learn More
  • Classic Godfather Fedora

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    Sophisticated and demanding attention, this Fedora ups the style bar and creates a look of dignified refinement on any man. A perfect accessory for those looking to amp up their look, this Godfather Fedora takes inspiration from one of the most iconic figures in mainstream history. Made from pure wool, and precisely adorned with a hat pin and a feather, this hat makes it hard to look away from. Piling on layers and layers of sophistication, the Fedora features a 2 5/8 brim that is designed to make you look handsome. The Fedora is finished with a satin lining to give it one last feature of refinement. The Classic Godfather Fedora is as complex and refined as its namesake. Learn More
  • Classic Wool Beret

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    Looking for something truly French and fashionable? This classic beret is made of 100 percent wool and is designed in the typical French style by Hispano Basque. It is more substantial and fuller than the average beret. It is made from cozy wool with a lining of plush satin that keeps its shape intact. This beret is designed such that it can be worn equally well by both men and women to add an element of classic style to your wardrobe. The beret is available in a range of colors and sizes, so you can choose one that suits you just right. Learn More
  • Classic Wool Fedora

    Do you miss the gentlemanly attire sported by your grandfather or even your great grandfather? Want to go back to a simpler era where clothing was more about making a statement with subtle pieces? How about we share with you the secret of turning back time? No, it does not involve a time machine, but a fedora instead! Go back in time with this very royal, extremely sophisticated fedora that is made from 100 percent wool. Doesn't the striped band with carefully chosen colors add to the old world charm of this Classic Wool Fedora? It has proven to be a favorite among the current generation who wants to add a bit of sophistication to their look. Learn More
  • Wool Floppy Hat

    Floppy hats are for all seasons, so we bring to you these chic hats as a fall and winter accessory. Made of 100% wool, these round crown floppies will look perfect with your cardigans, shrugs, capes, and long coats. The hats feature a faux suede band and have a 3.5" brim. Great to have a few in different colors! Learn More

7 Item(s)

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