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  • 17 Inch Lambskin skirt

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    Hit the party scene this winter in these amazingly stunning leather skirts. These 17 inch skirts are made of lambskin leather that makes them soft and comfortable to wear. The elastic waistband on the side comes covered with leather and lets you move around comfortably. The skirt comes with a back zipper and is lined with poly satin. The flexibility provided by these skirts will let you try all those hip dance numbers. Pair this skirt up with some tanks, shirts, or tees, and this versatile skirt will do justice to whichever look you choose. Learn More

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  • 19 Inch Lambskin Skirt

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    Head out for a cup of coffee or a stroll in the park this winter in this beautiful lambskin leather skirt, and when you run into a friend heading to a club just tag along because you know you are dressed for the occasion. That’s the beauty of these stunning lambskin skirts. Lambskin leather screams luxury and its durability makes it a favorite among people who love leather. This 19 inch skirt comes with an elastic side waistband, covered in leather to guarantee both style and comfort. Lined with poly satin, the skirt has a back zipper. Learn More

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  • 21Inch Lambskin Leather Skirt

    You can never go wrong with a leather skirt. We bring to you the 21 inch lambskin leather skirt in a variety of colors and a perfect cut. Sport it to a party or wear it to work. There is so much you can do with these versatile leather skirts. The elastic side waistband comes covered in leather and provides you with comfort and flexibility to sit and move around easily. The skirt comes lined in poly satin. Learn More

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  • 26 Inch Lambskin Leather Skirt

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    Looking for a leather skirt that you can wear to work? We have something right here. The 26 inch lambskin leather skirt is perfect for work wear given its length and smooth lambskin leather finish. The leather is soft and comfortable, and can be worn throughout the day without any issues. The elastic side waistband lets you sit comfortably for long hours and the skirt comes with a back zipper. Lined with poly satin, these 26 inch skirts come with two side pockets. Learn More

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  • A-line boot 34in skirt

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    Evoke that dark mystery and passion with this stunning leather skirt. Crafted in pure lambskin leather, the skirt adds a touch of sophistication, while the 34 inch length ensures that you are always in style. Durability comes courtesy of a 100% polyester satin lining. A perfect option for an evening out on the town or even for a day on the job. Paired with the right boots and the right top, this lambskin leather boot skirt is sure to add a sense of edginess to your persona. Feel free to choose from a wide range of colors and sizes. A must have for the season, so don’t miss out! Learn More

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  • 32 Inch Lambskin Leather Skirt

    Here’s why we love leather, because leather is versatile. This 32 inch lambskin leather skirt proves the point with its stunning cut and its leather covered elastic side waistband. Winter does not mean you have to give up on skirts. These leather skirts come to the rescue with their soft and delicate lambskin leather and beautiful cut. Wear it to work or head out to a dinner in the evening and feel fabulous in this skirt. It will look perfect with layered looks, shirts, and even with a faux fur vest. The skirt is lined with poly satin and is very comfortable to wear. Learn More

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