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  • Ladies Lambskin Wrap Coat

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    Forget diamonds, wrap coats are a lady’s best friend! Don’t believe us? Try out this super-soft, super-comfy, oh-so-stylish lambskin leather wrap coat and you’ll see. Packing the luxe softness of genuine lambskin and the sophisticated, urbane charm of the tuxedo front, the coat is updated with chic roll-up cuffs and a wide-spread collar to make a style statement truly unique to you. The roomy open pockets on this imported piece of sheer beauty add functionality, while the detachable tie belt adds another layer of chic sophistication. When wearing, you can leave the coat open, or cinch it at the waist. Learn More

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  • The Mixed Media Dress

    Adding more versatility to the mixed media lineup is this stunning new dress that features the same comfort and flexibility that we offer to you in our mixed media pant and skirt. Made from a combination of lambskin leather and ponti stretch fabric, the dress is absolutely super comfortable and feels extra soft. The stretch fabric provides you with plenty of mobility, without compromising the overall design and appeal. The dress is designed to provide the perfect fit, regardless of your shape and size. The 36" back length allows plenty of space to move around, without affecting the overall comfort. The two tone color adds a vibrant appeal to the dress. Available in multiple color combinations so that you can buy more than one to add to your wardrobe! Learn More

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  • The Mixed Media Pant

    Are you looking for the right fit, the perfect style, and comfort in your choice of pants? Well, look no further then, as this exquisite pair of mixed media pants meets all your requirements. The style comes courtesy of the lambskin leather, which feels luxuriously soft and gentle to the touch. The ponti stretch fabric allows you to have plenty of mobility and also helps to give you the perfect fit. The combination of leather and stretch material delivers comfort, and the pants themselves are lined to the knee. Leather accented back pockets on the back stretch fabric add extra uniqueness to your style. The button closure in the front proves to be quite convenient and a 29 ¾ inch in-seam feels quite roomy, without appearing too loose. Learn More

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  • Ladies Lambskin Wrap Coat with Detachable Fox collar

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    The Lambskin Wrap Coat is all about delving into luxury! The silky smooth lambskin leather rests gently against your skin, while the plush fur on the collar keeps you warm and cozy. Spacious open pockets tailored in the front are always ready to carry your keys, smartphones, and other necessities. The polysatin lining gives these wrap coats their signature finishing charm, while the adjustable rolled-up cuffs and tuxedo trims on the front have a charm of their own. The leather wrap coat can be worn in multiple ways, with or without the self tie belt, with or without the detachable genuine fox collar, but never without style. Learn More

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